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The origins of Carnival are unclear, but most agree that it started as a pagan celebration in ancient Romeor Greece. Carnival balls were exported from Italy in the late nineteenth century and had their golden age in the 1930s.

In Brazil, Carnival rules the country for four days a year, it happens at the peak of summer attacting thousands of visitors from all corners of the world. “Carnaval´´(as spelled in portuguese) changes date every year but it isually happenssome time in February or ealy March.

Carnival is supposed to be a time to “forget or recall an old love affair, to celebrate new passion or search for new romantic experiences´´. It´s also a time to “protest against corrupt politicians, to complain about proverty and give creative suggestions for ways to turn the country into a fair place to live´´.

According to history, the first Brazilian Carnival is said to have taken place in 1641. Each festival varies depending on the location, but most main attractions are religious ceremonies, performances by the samba schools or huge parades. Mangueira samba school parades in Rio de Janeiro



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