Some concepts in connection with Machine Translation

Posted in Uncategorized by erikatxu on junio 25, 2007

Machine Translation: sometimes referred to by the acronym MT, is a sub-field of computational linguistics that investigates the use of computer software to translate text or speech from one natural language to another. At its basic level, MT performs simple substitution of words in one natural language for words in another. Using corpus techniques, more complex translations may be attempted, allowing for better handling of differences in linguistic typology, phrase recognition, and translation of idioms, as well as the isolation of anomalies.

Machine aided translation:Section gif has covered Machine Translation (MT), where translation proper is performed by a computer, even if the human helps by preediting, postediting, or answering questions to disambiguate the source text. In Computer-Aided Translation, or more precisely Machine-Aided Human Translation (MAHT), by contrast, translation is performed by a human, and the computer offers supporting tools.

Translation Technologhy: here, the text´s interpretation is the most important thing and when it is created again, it is metacreated.



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