e-book and paper book

Posted in edición by erikatxu on enero 25, 2010

An ebook is a digital book, is a equivalent of a traditional printed book. E-books are found in personal computers, movil phones or hardware deviced known as e-Readers.

 There are a lot of differences between an e-book and a printed book, some of them are:

 An e-book can be with you at all moment a cause of it can be purchased, and used immediately , however, a book can’t be use as easily because firstly, it must be bought in a bookshop and the it must be carried on with you in a bag if you don’t have a bag it’s more difficult to carry it and sometimes it’s prefered to leave it at home.

  Another difference E-books are cheaper than traditional books. Apart from that a normal book needed more space than an e-book that can be kept in a computer or a movil phone.Also, when you have finished a e-book you can delete it, in normal books you can’t.

 Furthermore, e-books contains a lot of animated images, unlike printed books that have many few images and most of them are very small.

There are a lot of differences between these two types of books, but the main difference and more favorable reason  to prefer the e-boks is that these ones not consume paper, so there are not a damage to the environment.

   The great majority of the people prefer e-books, and in a close future, printed books will be remplaced by e-books.


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